[feature icon="star-o" title="Promote Nigeria" color="1"]Promote, support and encourage global trade awareness and moral consciousness.[/feature][feature icon="users" title="Utilize Nigerian Diaspora Resources" color="2"]Leverage Nigerian Diaspora economic, human, and technology resources.[/feature][feature icon="comments" title="Provide Cooperation & Guidance" color="3"]To encourage contacts and networking amongst Nigerians living in Europe, the Americas and elsewhere.[/feature][feature icon="share" title="Promote Information Sharing" color="4"]Promote knowledge transfer and information sharing among all Nigerians in the United Kingdom, and the public and private sectors in Nigeria[/feature][feature icon="thumbs-up" title="Create Opportunities" color="5"]To develop a record list of Nigerian professionals in the United Kingdom, whose background, experience and contact could help facilitate the development of Nigeria.[/feature]

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